Organic Fertilizer



The use of organic-based fertilizers in sustainable agriculture benefits farmers, growers, consumers and the environment in many ways. As empirically demonstrated, organic-based fertilizers help to:

  • boost both nutrient efficiency and organic matter content in the soil;
  • nurture the soil with organic matter that reduces dependency on chemical inputs;
  • restore and maintain soil fertility to nurture plant growth;
  • enhance the biological activity and biodiversity of soils;
  • enhance the quality attributes of produce as well as yield;
  • improve the efficiency of nutrient use to produce more robust crops;
  • facilitate the slow release of nutrients in response to the dynamic needs of plants;
  • boost the efficiency of water use to render crops more resilient and drought-resistant;
  • reduce the impact of farming and safeguard ecosystems by minimizing leaching.
  • enhance crop resistance to erosion by improving the soil’s organic matter content.
  • improve the efficiency of resource use by incorporating natural raw materials.

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